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Nhe Apocalyptical Visual Parables of

Raw Vision # 14(excerpt from article by Erik Weisenburger)

On August 6, 1945, nine hours after the Hiroshima atomic blast, Norbert H. Kox of Green Bay, Wisconsin was born into an 'age of prophecy'. Carl Jung, whose theory of 'synchronicity,' suggests that apparent coincidences have meaningful correspondence, and astronomer Johannes Kepler, who was associated with mysticism and empirical observation, would have both regarded this moment and the course of future events as a 'creative act,' in Kox's development. Kox takes these ideas a step further, finding 'meaningful arrangements' and spiritual significance in the events of the modern age, and sees nefarious forces and occult powers as the cause of human strife and suffering.
For the past twenty years Kox has created paintings that
challenge the spiritual beliefs of his viewers, and the moral foundation of the Christian church. Investigating the correlation of events past, present, and future, he seeks to uncover truth and prophecy as it relates to contemporary events through Scripture, and his own interpretation of humanity. Kox offers insight to the possibility of another realm beyond the confines of our physical world. Using vivid imagery as his tool of instruction, Kox creates what he terms 'apocalyptic visual parables.'

Outside the mainstream
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (excerpt by James Auer, Feb.2002)

Our own backyard is peopled with a diverse collection of creators, unified primarily by the fact that all have operated outside the mainstream of the contemporary art world.

For example, as a young man, painter Norbert Kox was a biker and rode with the Outlaws, mostly in Waterloo, Iowa.

"As a youth, I was a pretty wild guy," Kox said.

Back in Wisconsin, he went through a sea change, becoming involved with religion, and started seriously studying the scriptures at St. Norbert College in De Pere. Although he had formal art education, his subject matter, style, message and attitude toward life qualify him as a self-taught artist.
"I look at myself as a prophet with paint," said Kox, "since the literal meaning of the word 'prophet' is someone who brings forth God's words . . .. I want people to reject the pious show, to watch out for pagan symbols - false beliefs that are mixed in with Christian traditions."

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