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My Paintings read like a nature diary. They have always reflected nature through animal imagery. Most of my paintings of snakes combine with images of natural found objects.

Snakes have been the focus of most of my art for the past 20 years. I require the viewer to confront previous biases towards snakes and to reconsider their natural beauty.

My oil paintings are small in size and force you to come up close and face-to-face with the subject. My carvings do the same. Although I paint birds, butterflies, and insects, they all fit into my deep love and fascination for nature.

She has exhibited widely throughout the United States and was an outstanding participant with our gallery at the Puck Outsider Art Fair in New York.

Although Marlene McCauley received her MFA degree from Washington State University in 1972, she is primarily self-taught.

McCauley’s paintings have a distinctive and much admired following and can be found in the finest private collections.

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