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Purvis Young PURVIS YOUNG, born 1943 in Miami, has made the ghetto neighborhood of his birth come to life in his paintings. It is from this urban reality that YOUNG accumulates what he needs to create his very personal works of art. He tells the story of everyday life and brings the struggles and myths of his heritage to the accepting public.

PURVIS YOUNG began to draw in the late 60's creating public and private works that expressed his community and ethnic background.

Using found objects of wood, paper, books and an assortment of other surfaces he transforms them by the use of paint, crayon and pencil. With his own Expressionist style and use of colour, he has created works of a radiant quality that is distinctly his own.

We were most fortunate to have been his first exclusive dealer (world wide) from the mid -80's to the early 90's. During the years of our representation, we exhibited more than 1500 of PURVIS YOUNG'S paintings, books and constructions. We catalogued all his work for permanent documentation.

The works of PURVIS YOUNG that are offered by us include works from the 1970's up to 1992. This period is acknowledged as having produced most of his finest paintings, drawings, books and constructions.

Today he is recognized as one of the most exciting self-taught artists of our time. His works and commissions are included in some of the finest private collections and museums worldwide. To purchase an original PURVIS YOUNG is to own an artwork by one of America's most respected self-taught/ outsider artists.

AN IMPORTANT CATALOGUE, WITH ILLUSTRATED PAINTINGS AND ESSAYS ON PURVIS YOUNG (Published by the Joy Moos Gallery copyrighted 1993) is AVAILABLE. $20 including postage.

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