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Galerie Moos
Galerie Moos
on Sherbrooke St. w. Montreal 1967

GALERIE MOOS INC., was founded by the late WALTER A. MOOS (Wally). It was located on Sherbrooke St.W. across from The Montreal Museum of Art. The gallery enjoyed a prominent and well earned reputation of being an innovative leader in the arts both in the community and world-wide.

Wally Moos came from a long line of art dealers. The Family Moos had art galleries dating back to 1899 in Germany. This honoured tradition continued in Zurich, Geneva, Toronto and Montreal. Joy Moos joined her husband as co-director in 1967 and after his death in 1973 carried on a director until her move to Florida in 1975.

Excerpt from article by: Ricardo Pau Llosa
Vanidades- (Translation)- October 15, 1985

JOY MOOS came to Miami in 1977 with distinguished credentials, having co-directed Galerie Moos of Montreal with her husband, Wally Moos. The current space was designed by 'Arquitectonica', an international renowned firm in Miami. The freshest and most audacious art exhibitions and performances to take place in Miami radiate from Moosart.

Moosart's spirit is revolutionary, while at the same time Joy Moos has been active in the preservation of the Art Deco buildings in Miami.

Excerpt from Art Review by Helen L. Kohen
The Miami Herald ûJune 21, 1985

BURNT TOAST, curated by Howard Davis, marks the second annual occasion for Miami's MOOSART GALLERY to shoulder the mantle of New York's East Village, once again showcasing the newest, the loudest, and the baddest creative energies around. And BURNT TOAST, the singed edge of what art is about here, still has enough outrage to fulfill expectations for it.

Excerpt from Art Review by Leslie Judd Ahlander
The Miami News û January 10, 1986

The most interesting show in Miami at present is part of a concept- showing "The Best and The Brightest from The Village and Soho" in New York, home of the young avant garde.

The show was gathered and curated by JOY MOOS and was almost a year in the making. The more than 100 paintings and sculptures include some of the hottest and most talked about
younger artists showing in New York today. The work is brash and irreverent, yet drawing on honourable traditions. Notably the new German and Italian Expressionism, on graffiti, on Surrealism, and Pop Art.

Excerpt from Art Review by Leslie Judd Ahlander
The Miami News û February 14, 1986

Once again the MOOSART GALLERY has scooped the field with an outstanding small show of new works by Robert Rauschenberg.

Rauschenberg comes back with a new and exciting approach that still brings a fresh look from his travels around the world.

Paintings From The Street Exhibition: The Art and Culture Center Of Hollywood, Florida 1993
Excerpt of Introduction by Wendy Blazier, Director

This exhibition has been generously organized and curated by JOY MOOS, Director of the Joy Moos Gallery Inc., Miami. We are indebted to Ms. Moos for her curatorial selections and the many hours of research, which contribute to shaping an exhibition of this complexity and range.

Over the last two decades, Joy Moos has established her gallery in Miami as a formidable presenter of cutting edge contemporary artists. For more than a decade, she developed the career of the prolific Miami visionary artist PURVIS YOUNG. Today, Purvis Young-Miami's "chronicler of the streets"- is internationally recognized. His work has been exhibited in leading galleries in Cologne, and Paris, and is sought after by both major museum collections and private collectors. This is the magic story of the power of painting, its ability to communicate with immediacy and spontaneity, and to express feelings with honesty and rare vision.

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